James Elden is an actor, writer, director and producer residing in North Hollywood, California. Owner of Punk Monkey Productions, LLC, James co-founded the original Film Noir styled one-act series PLAY Noir and founded the Los Angeles Collegiate Playwrights Festival. Curating both festivals, James reads hundreds of plays annually giving him an acute eye for original works. He is also a respondent for the student written one-act track for the long standing Lenaea High School Theatre Festival where he also presents his playwriting workshop - How to Make a Good Play Great. James has also been a mentor, guest director and member of the reading committee for the Playwrights Festival at the prestigious private high school Harvard Westlake, where he was honored to direct Ben Platt in The Zone Ranger before the prodigy would go on to win the Tony Award for his performance in Dear Evan Hansen.

"I'm so exited to take our script even further thanks to your wonderful feedback. I felt so fulfilled and driven after leaving our session"

                        - Sofia, High School Playwright

Have you dotted your Is and crossed your Ts? Your play is given a  thorough line-by-line analysis for grammar and spelling in addition to story flow evaluation and suggestive trimming for unnecessary verbage.

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Have an idea for a play but just don't know where to start? Do you have characters in need of a home? This immersive course will take you from concept to completion and focus on the important details of what makes a good play great. Comprised of weekly one hour virtual sessions.  


Editing One-Act (up to 20 pages) $75.00 USD One-Act (over 40 pages) $125.00 USD Full Length (over 80 pages) 5 $175.00 USD
Consultation One-Act (up to 35 pages) $49.00 USD Full Length (over 80 pages) $125.00 USD

Have your play professionally reviewed for story, structure, subjective viability for production and guidance of your play's potential. Includes a one-page overview with feedback and suggestions as well as a 60 minute virtual one-on-one session.


Los Angeles Collegiate Playwrights Festival offers playwriting services for writers of all levels with the founder of LACPF - James Elden. From script coverage to editing to overall development. LACPF can turn your creative dreams into reality.